Standing at the Brink of Judgment

Luke 13:1-5


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In this lengthy teaching by Jesus, including chapter 12 with its 59 verses, the subject is JUDGMENT. That is Jesus’ warning. JUDGMENT, You had better be thinking about YOUR JUDGMENT DAY. Chapter 12 closes with Jesus speaking about the fact that a person who is going to go to court, who is guilty of something, better settle with his accuser before he gets to the judge or the judge is GOING TO EXPOSE HIS GUILT, turn him over to the constable, or the jailer and put him in prison UNTIL HE PAYS EVERY LAST CENT.

“Look, you better settle your case with God before you ever get to the judgment. You better settle your case with God before you ever get to the judgment because when you get before God at the judgment, ITS TOO LATE. You will then be turned over to eternal punishment”. That was the point. SO JUDGMENT IS THE THEME.


And that theme, Judgment, really catches the interest of these people, they say, “What about those Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices? HOW DOES THAT FIT INTO GODS JUDGMENT? “Was that the judgment of God on them?”


Now, in our text, verses 1-5, Jesus is interupted for the 3rd time by some people who have a question for Him. Back in chapter 12, verse 13 and in verse 41 Peter had a question for Him. He is interupted a 3rd time by these people, “Wait a minute, I have a question, What horrible sin had these people comitted that they died a brutal death at the hands of Pilate’s men”?


NOTE: The Jews had their own theory about this. They, expecially the leadership believed their were superior to everyone. They were the chosen, the Covenant people. SO, anyone upon whom a tragedy fell, must have been sinful people. IN FACT, if a tragedy struck, it must be the hand of God doing it to punish evil.


This goes way back, to Job. Tragedy struck, Job’s children, while worshipping God, all were killed, then he lost his crops, then his animals, then his health. REMEMBER what his friends asked him? “What sin are you guilty of that God would do this to you?” “Is it because of your reverence that He enters into judgment against you, I don’t think so?” Remember also, the blind man in John, chapter 9, “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he would be born blind?”


BUT, are we any different today? Does others sins look worse to you than yours? Have you thought, “I don’t see how God doesn’t get that person for their sinning”? OR, “The reason I don’t go to that church or this church, I am better than some going there?” We hear of a tragedy and wonder, “what has that person done to deserve that”?


I. The First Tragedy: Verses 1-2

So, there has been a recent tragedy in Jerusalem, at the temple. Some Galileans were slaughtered by the Romans, while they were sacrificing. The Judeans looked down on the Galileans, but even though they were Galileans, were they greater sinners than the other Galileans, so this judgment fell on them?

*This was a “man-made tragedy”.


II. The Second Tragedy: verse 4

  A. *This was a natural disaster, a natural tragedy”

  B. And this also happened in Jerusalem, BUT THE TOWER FELL on Jerusalem residents, not lowly Galileans.

  C. So, we have the “Temple Tragedy and then the Tower Tragedy”

  D. One with Galileans, the other with Judeans.


III. But now let’s look at the “True Tragedy”. verse 3 and verse 5.

  A. “Unless You Repent” you will likewise perish”

  B. If you don’t repent, WHEN YOUR DEATH COMES, You WILL PERISH.

  C. He is talking about ETERNAL JUDGMENT.

  D. All will die, I will die, You, one day will die, that’s not the ISSUE!

  E. The sobering ISSUE: “You will die and experience the judgment of God BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T SETTLED YOUR CASE BEFORE YOU GOT TO COURT”, verse 58 of chapter 12.

  F. The ISSUE IS NOT how people die, or when they die or by what cause they die.

  G. THE ISSUE IS: They die without repenting!

  H. What was their problem? (They did not see that they needed to repent).

  I. How many listening today, feel you have no need of repentance? You know of others who do, but oh, not you, not you!

  J. Jesus said, “YOU HAD BETTER REPENT!”

  K. “WHY” you ask?

  L. Are you ready for a tower to fall on you? Are you ready for the traffic accident that will take you life? Are you ready for the cancer, the gun, the tornado, the stroke, the heart attack that will kill you? ARE YOU READY TO DIE? NO, you’re not, IF YOU HAVE NOT REPENTED!


Close: What is repentance? What do I need to do?

  1. Change of mind: Change your mind about your sinfulness! It is wrong, it is damaging, it is damning. THE THING YOU LOVE TO BE INVOLVED IN, FOR A SHORT TIME, WILL SEND YOUR SOUL TO HELL FOR ETERNITY.

  2. Acknowledge JESUS CHRIST as the only Savior!


“Acknowledge you are a helpless sinner.” “Believe in (commit to) the Lord Jesus Christ, His death, burial, resurrection, to cleanse and save your eternal soul”


IT IS REPENTANCE in HIS NAME, IT IS REPENTANCE married to FAITH IN CHRIST. Lots of people are sorry for their sin. THATS NOT ENOUGH! IT IS repentance in Christ that leads to life, eternal life.